Thursday, November 6, 2008


Circa AD 490: The woman in a black dress bent forward and stroked Sir Devin's rugged chin, her eyes flaming red. "Are we agreed then?" she asked. "Your perfect allegiance to me in exchange for immortality?”

"Without question, m'lady." The villainous knight, sitting straight on a low footstool, picked up a black helmet from his lap and tucked it under his mail-clad arm. "Although the king has outlawed dragon hunting, I trust that you will prepare the way."

The woman leaned back in her thrown-like chair and replied "I will prepare the way."

Five years later, Merlin, prophet of the Lord God almighty, called the last twelve dragons who had remained faithful to the Lord to the top of a mountain, and worked a miracle. He transformed those present into humans in an attempt to save them from Sir Devin's blood-lust. But they were betrayed by one of their own number, as Gartrad, one of the twelve, doubted, and left before he transformed. He was then forced by Sir Devin and his squire Palin, to tell them what happened at the summit. So Devin and Palin remained on the hunt, searching for the other eleven dragons-turned-human. However, this tale is not about those dragons.

Just under 1500 years later, Sir Devin and his squire Palin had succeeded in slaying almost all of the eleven dragons that had been transformed, but while two evaded him, he requested the help of various members of a secret society called "the New Table" These followers of Morgan (the woman in the black dress) began assisting Devin in a search of a different kind. They were to search for the progeny of some of these former dragons, and their human mates. But this would be no easy task, as the prodigy retained some traits from their dragon parent. Traits like wings, fire breath, scales, or a tail would make them easy to find, but hard to take out. While other traits like danger sensing, immense strength, or extreme intelligence, would make them difficult to track, yet easy to eliminate should they find them. This tail is of two of these...

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