Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chapter 3


I watched as the demon witch and her brother rode away with a poor diluted soul. I'll have to be sure to enlighten and/or rescue her from those lizards, when I'm done with them.

I slipped over to the door, and withdrew my handheld EMP generator. The small Anti-electric field would cancel out the door's electromagnet.

Easier than pie

I climbed the stairs, knowing that there would be cameras in the elevator car.

Upon reaching their apartment, I pulled out my lock pick set. It was a standard lock. They must think they've lost us.

The chain lock didn't stop me either, I just put my robotic probe into the room and shut the door. I then used the camera on the probe to guide the robotic arm and remove the chain from its place in the lock.

Once I got inside, I promptly got to work, first going to their closets to ensure that this was the correct room. I’d hate to find out I’d gone and hurt a normal, innocent family. Yup, a few pairs of pants with a large hole just above the seat, and a few feminine shirts, with nicks, snags, and tares in them.

This is the place

I quickly looked around for the boy’s journal. Surly he’s gotten another one by now, and there’s so much I need to know.

There it is, under his pillow!

I quickly pulled out my personal miniature digital camera and took pictures of the pages. Hope master ‘Eight’ doesn’t find out, I’d like to be able to read these without having to take notes about their personalities.

Just as I finished taking the last of my photos, I heard the familiar sound of ‘eight’s’ car pulling into the parking lot.

Panicking, I quickly replaced the journal and began to scour the room for clues to their location. Hope master doesn't realize I wasn't working.

Just as he entered the room, I found a note to the demon witch from her mongrel brother.

"Master, look at this!" I said as he entered the room. "The boy seems to have told his sister that they are going to practice tonight, perhaps we should wait another day, as they will be most attentive tonight."

"Good call," he responded, "and that's probably what we will do, since they know that we have been chasing them, but if this was the first time we had encountered them, we could go out there and trick them into coming right to us."

"Hmm," I said as I mulled over what he had said "I see, that way we would not have to worry about tracking them, or fighting them when they were ready for us."

"Exactly" he replied, "but back to the real world now: we will wait another day, meanwhile, please put their apartment back together, and then we can leave, alert our contacts to stay clear of the area, and plan our battle strategy"



"Are they there?" I thought as I rode just behind the Gladstones.

I reached back to feel the corner of my backpack. Yup, they're there. Boy the Gladstones are in for a big surprise.

Just then my cell phone buzzed. Who would be texting me at this hour? I'll have to check when we get to the park...



"I cannot reach our plant in their building, I hope she is not taking the initiative..."

"Unfortunately, master, she is likely to do so."

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